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How to Have a Successful Board Room Meeting


Board room meeting are where the most important decisions for your organization are made. Effective board meetings are critical to the success of your company regardless of whether they are the catalyst for the development of a new strategy or stop you from making a costly error in strategy. Boardroom etiquette is important, as are a good knowledge of the procedure for parliamentary meetings and the ability to encourage productive discussions.

A well-planned agenda for meetings is the key to a successful board. It sets the meeting’s objectives, outlines the critical issues to be discussed and directs the flow of the discussion. It also allows the board to address all of the important issues within the designated meeting time and significantly improves the overall management of a business.

To start off the meeting, the presidency officer calls the meeting to order at the scheduled starting time and then calls the roll to ensure that an quorum of board member is present. The agenda and the previous minutes are approved after the attendees have been counted. The board then looks over any issues from the past that remain unresolved and considers any new items that have been added. After these issues are addressed, the board is able to close the meeting.

To ensure that you have an efficient boardroom, it is best to limit the time spent on reports and “have-to” items. This lets the board devote a larger percentage of the meeting to discussing strategic direction and other important topics. The board can also reduce the amount of reports they present by asking committee chairmen and officers to only share the most important information in a concise look at this now and brief report prior to the meeting.

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